Asia Trips


This centuries old country holds a bounty of beauty, sights and tastes. 

Hong Kong

Previously owned by England and returned to mainland China in 1997, Hong Kong is considered by some to be an independent country.  


Japan has been a technological giant for decades but the kindness and warmth of its people are just as miraculous to behold. 


A country filled with color, roaming monkeys and plenty of interesting culture.


This island country is as warm and inviting as its inhabitants.


Even before the recent film craze of Crazy Rich Asians, Singapore was a thriving country filled with loads of modern charm, beauty and style.

SouTH Korea

South Korea is a vibrant and pulsating place full of modern ideas and warm people.


Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Taiwan’s vibrant inner-city life or visit its numerous sacred sites of worship. 

thailand 3


Explore a country that allows its visitors to feed and bathe elephants and even soar above the clouds.


This modern desertland oasis is a country full of technological marvels. From its massive indoor theme parks to its world record-breaking skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.



This country has a long history of war with various countries, but once you step inside its borders, you’ll be amazed at how peaceful and serene it is. 

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