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This centuries old country holds a bounty of beauty, sights and tastes. 


Previously owned by England and returned to mainland China in 1997, Hong Kong is considered by some to be an independent country.  


Bulgaria is located next door to Romania (in Central Europe) and


Where to begin in this country? No matter where you end up, you can’t go wrong. Whether it’s Zagreb, Split or Dubrovnik, Croatia has stunning views, historic locales and warm, friendly people waiting to make your time in country unforgettable. (Although for the record, we are extremely partial to Pula.)


BriTish Virgin Islands

Located in central Europe and known for such cities as Prague and Brno. The Czech Republic is a good place to grab a beer, purchase marijuana (it’s legal there) or just take in the local sights. 


From afar, Denmark is a country filled with lots of colorful buildings and structures. It also has a nice balance of historic and modern design. Yet, its the Danish people who provide the best and warmest element of all.   

Cayman Islands

There is a great deal to see and do in France. Yet, when most think of France, Paris is usually the first city that comes to mind. Though Paris is definitely a worthwhile destination, Nice, Marseille and much of the Normandy region of France hold unique experiences and should not be excluded from your travel itinerary.

CosTa Rica

From exploring cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg or Munich to each of their easy to navigate systems of public transportation, you’ll find that although Germany has a rich and ‘colorful’ history, it is posed to have a very bright future.

thailand 3


Greece is filled with ancient history and tiny, narrow streets waiting to be traveled. Its alluring islands and legendary attractions are the things found in most history books, but mere pictures don’t hold a candle to seeing the real thing up close.


Located in Central Europe and founded in the late ninth century, Hungary has a long history of important contributions stemming from the Rubik’s Cube to noteworthy classical composers to having around 1,500 spas or public baths, one of which happens to be located at the world-famous Gellért Hotel in Budapest.  


Dominican Republic

See an Icelandic pony, eat a hot dog or try relaxing in a geothermal hot spring. Any of that sound good? Well, these are just some of the cool things this country has to offer. Many start their journey in the city of Reykjavik, but there are lots of great places waiting to be explored in Iceland.


From its craggy cliffs to its green rolling hills and medieval castles, Ireland is like a doorway into the past. Its major cities are one-of-a-kind too.   



Venice, Sicily, Pisa and Florence are just a number of the beautiful and historic cities found inside Italy’s borders. Though, Milan is where to go for fashion, a good night’s stay or a nice, intimate dining experience. 


Situated on the French Riviera, Monaco is the tiniest country (or “city-state”) in Europe, but it is home to the hugely wealthy and glamorous, extravagant casinos, the Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show.



Usually known for the city of Oslo. Yet, Norway has a great mixture of modern flair, style and charm. 


Bordering Spain and located on the southern Iberian peninsula, Portugal is home to sandy beaches,  pottery, Portuguese wine and cork products. It also has one of the most spoken languages in the world. 



It goes without saying, there are some in certain parts of the world who view Romania as an ‘unsafe’ destination. However, we have found, firsthand, that the country and its people are very safe. Romania also has a rich history steeped in Dracula folklore which you can explore in greater detail on a day trip from Bucharest to the tiny town of Brasov and Bran Castle.  


Lake Bled alone is enough to visit this wonderful destination. Yet, the numerous awesome sights and experiences in Slovenia make it our favorite European destination.


UniTed STaTes

Barcelona and the island of Ibiza are typically the Spanish cities most tourists visit. Yet, Madrid and Seville (along with many other places in Spain) are definitely worthy spots to check out the next time you are there.

U.S. Virgin Islands

From snowy ski slopes to discovering the science behind the Large Hadron Collider, Switzerland has something for all sorts of travelers.

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