Puerto Iguazu

Trip Cost

$316.32 pp

(for one-way flight from Montevideo to Puerto Iguazu/Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires, round-trip airport transfer to hotel and 1-night hotel stay)

$246.47 (2 one-way flights)


$21.10 (round-trip airport transfers)


$48.75 (1-night hotel stay)


$316.32 pp

Where to start?

Originally, Missy and I were going to stay in this quaint little town for a night in order to experience the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls. However, an unexpected flight cancellation from our airline, Aerolíneas Argentinas, set us on a new path to fly to Foz de Iguacu on Azul Airlines and explore the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls instead. 

Unfortunately, our only real experience here was sitting at Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport (IGR) for over 5 hours, while we waited for our flight back to Buenos Aires on Jet Smart Airlines to board.

Getting there

With our cruise to Antarctica already booked, we wanted to take advantage of our trip to Buenos Aires by seeing Iguazu Falls before we headed back to the United States. Unfortunately, by the time we made this realization, we had already booked our return flight to Los Angeles for a day AFTER our cruise returned to Buenos Aires. Therefore, if we wanted to see the famous landmark which is located between the countries of Argentina and Brazil, we were going to have to get creative and FAST. Naturally, I accomplished this feat by putting the task off for about 7 months. (Yay, procrastination!) 

However, once I got serious about figuring this out, I started where I always do, by going to Google Flights and Skyscanner. Right away, I was met with heavy opposition: Every flight from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu (IGR – the only airport closest to the Argentine side of the Falls) on the day the cruise got back was either way too expense for 2 people or left way too early to make. 

Okay, I was out of luck for both airports in Buenos Aires. But then, I decided to take another look at our cruise itinerary. The day before our cruise arrived back in Buenos Aires, it was scheduled to make a stop in Montevideo, Uruguay. So, I searched flights from Montevideo to IGR and…voilà! I found a one-way flight on Aerolíneas Argentinas for $193.77 pp that was leaving roughly 3 hours after our ship arrived in Montevideo. If all went according to plan, Missy and I would disembark the cruise a day early in Montevideo, fly to Puerto Iguazu (IGR), Argentina from Uruguay, spend the night there and have the next day to explore Iguazu Falls and fly back to Buenos Aires before our return flight back to the States. 

Well, that was the plan anyway. I had even found and booked a return flight from IGR to EZE (Buenos Aires) on Jet Smart for $52.70 that departed the day after our arrival in Puerto Iguazu. Then, in late December (less than 2 months before our trip to South America), everything fell apart. Aerolíneas Argentinas cancelled our flight and only offered 2 alternatives that would no longer work with our cruise’s scheduled arrival time in Montevideo.

Just like that, I was back to the drawing board. Only this time, I had no choice but to abandon all hope of staying in Puerto Iguazu and search for flights to the Brazilian side of the Falls instead. 

Final Cost Breakdown on Flights:

$193.77 pp from MVD (Montevideo) to IGR (Puerto Iguazu) with a layover in AEP (Buenos Aires) on Aerolíneas Argentinas. 
$52.70 pp from IGR (Puerto Iguazu) to EZE (Buenos Aires) on Jet Smart.

Getting around

Like Foz de Iguacu in Brazil, you can get around Puerto Iguazu or go to the Falls by bus, taxi or by hiring a private transfer service.

Unfortunately, since we were unable to stay in town, we are still unsure as to whether or not Puerto Iguazu has Uber or rideshares. 

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Originally, we had booked a round-trip private transfer service for 2 people via Booking.com from IGR to our hotel (in Puerto Iguazu) for only $42.21, but ultimately, we had to cancel it once our flight plans changed.

Final Cost Breakdown on Transportation:

$21.10 for a 2-person transfer from Cataratas of Iguazu International Airport (IGR) to our hotel (in Puerto Iguazu). 
$21.10 for a 2-person return transfer from our hotel (in Puerto Iguazu) to Cataratas of Iguazu International Airport (IGR).

Where we stayed

Palo Rosa Lodge

RN12, N3370 Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

Total Price of Stay (for 2 people): $48.75 USD (including taxes & fees)

Length of Stay: Would’ve been 1-night

We booked through Perkspot since it offered the lowest nightly rate. The hotel itself is located just blocks from the bus stop that takes you to the entrance of Iguazu National Park. It also offers several amenities like free luggage storage, free breakfast, free parking and free wifi.

Trip Itinerary

  • Fly into Puerto Iguazu.
  • Stay at Palo Rosa Lodge hotel..
  • Visit Iguazu National Park (Argentina) and see Argentine side. 


TRIP Details

As already mentioned above, we didn’t get a chance to visit the town of Puerto Iguazu, only its airport. Needless to say, other than extremely limited power outlets and food options (both landside and airside), there isn’t much to report there.

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Was it worth it?


Sure, it would’ve been nice to visit Puerto Iguazu and see the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls. However, we’re glad we at least got to see the Brazilian side before heading back to the States. Therefore, if your schedule allows, you should really try to do both. There are lots of 1-2 days tours and more offering this option online (see links below), but it might be more cost effective to hire a private transfer using Booking.com to experience both on your own time. Plus, overall, we really liked our results when utilizing Booking.com to book transfers.

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